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XK Accessories, XK rear view with Leaper detail





Practical accessories to help you get more from your XK.

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XK Snow Socks shown fitted

Snow Sock Winter Traction Aid

Stay in control with these innovative traction aids. Constructed from lightweight textile they're quick and easy to attach or remove and fold down for storage. Fit to all four wheels for best results in snow and ice.

XK tailored, all weather car cover

All Weather Car Cover

Protect your car from the elements, including showers, frost, dust and strong sunlight with this bespoke cover, tailored to the contours of your XK.

Fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher 1 kg

Control liquid and electrical fires with this dry powder fire extinguisher.

First aid kit

First Aid Kit

Treat minor injuries with this comprehensive first aid kit.

Locking wheel nuts, set of 5 shown

Locking Wheel Nuts

Protect your wheels with custom designed high-security locking wheel nuts.

XK luggage compartment finisher in brushed stainless steel

Luggage Compartment Finisher

Enhance your XK's boot with this practical and beautiful brushed stainless steel finisher with bright highlights.

XK luggage compartment liner

Luggage Compartment Liner

Protect the floor of your XK's boot with this fitted, semi-rigid rubber liner.

XK flexible luggage retainer holding items secure

Flexible Luggage Retainer

A neat way to secure luggage or other items transported in your XK's boot.

Compact battery charger

Battery Charger

Keep your XK battery full of life for longer. This battery charger continually monitors, diagnoses and maintains your battery at optimum levels.