Jaguar XE in white driving in a snowy landscape with a large modern building behind



Every journey in your Jaguar should be as exhilarating as the first, regardless of the season. To keep your Jaguar performing at its peak throughout the winter, follow this advice from our experts to help protect you and your car.

Jaguar XJ in red driving in a snowy landscape


For optimum grip on a range of challenging winter surfaces, your Jaguar Retailer will be able to recommend and supply winter tyres1 designed to meet the high performance requirements of your Jaguar. Manufactured from materials for use below 7°C to minimise wear and maximise grip, they feature 1,500 sipes (grooves) to repel snow, water, ice and slush. Compared to standard tyres, stopping distances can be reduced by up to 59%.


Jaguar Retailers can organise the secure storage of your summer tyres in one of our regional tyre hotels to maintain their condition throughout the winter months, whilst handling the fitting of your winter tyres.1

A selection of Jaguar Models: XE in white, XJ in red and navy, F-TYPE in black all parked on snow outside a large modern building


To keep you safe when the surface is at its worst, we recommend you invest in either the easily-fitted, textile Snow Sock Winter Traction Aid1, that fits to all four wheels to improve grip, or the Snow Traction System* snow chains, which are fitted to the back wheels only.

Jaguar Traction Aids on a car wheel in the snow


Safety, peace of mind and optimum vehicle performance – that’s the benefit of a Jaguar Vehicle Health Check. Wherever you’re planning to drive this winter, make our service department your first destination. Visit a Jaguar Approved Service Centre and they can perform a check of key components from wiper blades to brakes. Check with your local Retailer for more details.

Jaguar F-PACE in red from behind, driving on a cliff-side road


InControl Protect2 includes a clever Remote Smartphone App, Optimised Jaguar Assistance and SOS Emergency Call. Through the smartphone app you can check your fuel levels, find your vehicle in a busy car park and even check you haven't left your windows open. In the event of a breakdown, Optimised Jaguar Assistance transmits location and vehicle diagnostic data to your recovery company. If the incident is more serious, SOS Emergency Call notifies the emergency services of your location.

The InControl Protect logo against rain on a car window


Enjoy winter with season specific accessories, from ski racks and snowboard holders, to loadspace liners and rubber mats. Choose from the Style, Sporting, Touring or Outdoor Accessory Lifestyle Collections and personalise your Jaguar to suit your needs. Only Jaguar Trained Technicians fit our accessories, and they come with a 24-month unlimited mileage warranty.

Jaguar XF in silver driving on a road in a snowy landscape


Develop advanced winter driving skills with the Jaguar annual Ice Driving Experience. Every year, a group of Jaguar enthusiasts joins us for our luxury Ice Driving Experience. Driving an F‑TYPE All-wheel Drive, you will find an icy surface is an opportunity to enjoy its agility and control. F‑TYPE takes shifting traction in its stride, responding effortlessly so you can still savour the scenery that surrounds you.

Jaguar F-TYPE in red kicking up snow with the wheel-spin

1The features and services described may be optional and dependent on what is available in your market.
2The feature described above may be optional and market dependent. Please consult your country-specific Jaguar website or local Jaguar Retailer for availability and full terms in your country. Certain features require a Micro SIM with a suitable data contract, which will require further subscription after the initial term advised by your Retailer.