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A range of how to guides covering your XJ’s suite of advanced infotainment technology.

InControl Touch Pro: Rear Media System

How to use XJ's multimedia system which enables your rear seat passengers to enjoy different sound and vision to those in the front

InControl Touch Pro: Park Assist

A guide to how XJ’s Park Assist system can steer your XJ into suitable parallel or perpendicular parking spaces, and also help you exit parallel spaces.

InControl Touch Pro: Media System

A guide to XJ’s multimedia system which incorporates an 8" multi-functional Touchscreen.

InControl Touch Pro: LIVE

A guide to XJ’s powerful, cloud-based suite of online, ‘LIVE’ information services designed with driver and journey in mind.

InControl Touch Pro: Navigation - Entering a destination

How to enter your destination and follow your preferred route on XJ’s navigation system.

InControl Touch Pro: Customisable Home Screen

A video guide showing you how to create a personalised home screen in XJ to display and arrange widgets to applications.

InControl Touch Pro: Parking Aid System

A guide to XJ’s Parking Aid System which operates in conjunction with the vehicle’s cameras, giving a 360 degree, detailed view of its surroundings and any obstacles in its path.

InControl Touch Pro: Extra Features

A guide to XJ’s extra features, in addition to the main options displayed on the Touchscreen’s home menu.

InControl Touch Pro: In-car Bluetooth® Pairing

How to pair a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone with your XJ for hands-free use.

InControl Touch Pro: Settings

How to view and adjust many of XJ’s settings to your own personal preferences.

InControl Touch Pro: Connectivity

A guide to InControl Touch Pro connectivity within your XJ. Understand how XJ's external roof-mounted antenna provides a reliable connection for the strongest possible mobile and data signal while on the move. The powerful, high-speed 3G connection allows up to eight devices to be connected wirelessly within the vehicle.



A range of how to guides covering your XJ’s suite of innovative driver aids.


Instructional videos explaining the features that enhance your XJ’s performance and efficiency.


Instructional videos explaining the features that contribute to your XJ's driving experience.