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Jaguar strives to make its websites accessible for all users, including people with disabilities. Our website uses Macromedia Flash. Please note, although we continue to test and modify our websites for accessibility, there may be links to pages developed by third parties that are not compliant with our standards.


Our website uses Macromedia Flash for presentation purposes and all reasonable endeavours are made to conform to WAI-A accessibility standards throughout and WAI-AA wherever possible.

The flash version will have an accessibility layer to enable keyboard access, overlays & shortcuts. To access Flash content using a screen reader, users need to have 9.0.115 flash plug-in or later installed. Users also need a screen reader with the Flash Player implementation of MSAA. Finally, screen reader users will need to access Flash content using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. This is the only browser with support for MSAA.

A useful reference for Macromedia Flash accessibility overview can be found at the Adobe website.

Go to Adobe Flash accessibility pages

The HTML version of our site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) therefore a modern browser is needed to make the most out of our site, though the site is still usable in older browsers and alternative devices.

JavaScript should be enabled in order to access all JavaScript dependent functionality through out the site.


If you find that the text is too small for you to read, then you can change the text size to a size that you are more comfortable with:

  • in Internet Explorer (PC) select View, Text Size from the Browser Toolbar
  • in Mozilla Firefox select View, Zoom In from the Browser Toolbar
  • in Safari select View, Make Text Bigger from the Browser Toolbar


A useful reference for improving access to electronic information for people with disabilities can be found at the Adobe website.

Go to Adobe Acrobat accessibility pages


The Jaguar Global Website resolution is restricted to 1024 x 768, for all site pages.