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Finishing touches make F-TYPE your own.

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F-TYPE in red roof down, front three-quarter view

F-Type Bonnet Decals

Emphasise the powerful flowing lines that lead the eye from the side power vents towards the bonnet vent. Available in Gunmetal Grey or Silver.

F-TYPE door mirror with chrome cap

Mirror Caps - Chrome

Complement your F-TYPE's striking design with these sparkling chrome mirror covers.

Mirror Caps - Carbon Fibre

Add a striking performance-inspired character to your F-TYPE with these Carbon Fibre mirror covers.

F-TYPE chrome bonnet louvre

Bonnet Louvres - Chrome

Small details add big impact. These bright finish highlights catch the eye, taking
F-TYPE's sports persona to another level.

Bonnet Louvres - Carbon Fibre

The lightweight Carbon Fibre bonnet louvres add another performance-inspired detail to accentuate F-TYPE's sports pedigree.

F-TYPE gloss black bonnet louvre

Bonnet Louvres - Gloss Black

Finished to a high gloss, these bonnet louvres add to the powerful look of your

F-TYPE chrome side power vent

Side Power Vent - Chrome

Satin-finish chrome highlights lead the eye to the gloss black mesh to complete the
F-TYPE's sporting looks.

Side Power Vent - Carbon Fibre

Complete the performance-inspired look with High Grade Carbon Fibre construction and exclusive Silverleaf branding. Available exclusively through your Jaguar dealer.

F-TYPE roll over protection bars- carbon fibre

Roll Hoops - Carbon

Accentuate your F-TYPE's contemporary sporting style with these lightweight Carbon Fibre roll over protection bars.

F-TYPE roll over protection bars- chrome

Roll Hoops - Chrome

Extend your F-TYPE's bright chrome finish details with these chrome roll hoops.

F-TYPE roll over protection bars- gloss black

Roll Hoops - Gloss Black

Add a dynamic-looking finishing touch to your roll hoops with these Gloss Black covers.

F-TYPE engine bay with Jaguar- branded carbon fibre cover

Engine Cover - Carbon Fibre

Add a sleek finish to your engine bay with this Jaguar-branded Carbon Fibre cover.

F-TYPE interior, carbon fibre centre console

Carbon Fibre Trim - Centre Console

This advanced Carbon Fibre centre console comes in a satin finish to reduce glare and reflections.

F-TYPE stainless steel sport pedal covers

Sport Pedal Covers - Stainless Steel

This contemporary finishing touch combines bright stainless steel with rubber grips that fit securely over the existing pedals of your

F-TYPE door open, showing personalised illuminated sill treadplate

Sill Tread Plates - Illuminated

Create a cool mood with these smart aluminium sill tread plates that cast a gentle phosphor blue light when you open your
F-TYPE's doors.

F-TYPE door open, showing seat detail and illuminated sill treadplate

Sill Tread Plates - Personalised Illuminated

Make your mark with your F-TYPE - add your own personal motif to these illuminated sill tread plates, highlighted by soft phosphor blue lighting.

Design Pack

Enhance the look of your F-TYPE with the performance Exterior Design Pack. Featuring body coloured front bumper, splitter, side sills, rear bumper venturi, and gloss black rear valance. Offered for V6 models.

Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser

The carbon fibre rear diffuser adds a unique sporting finish to the F-TYPE's rear styling.

Front splitter blade kit - Carbon Fibre

Give F-TYPE an even more assertive look with this performance-inspired high grade carbon fibre front splitter blade (includes centre cap and both side aero splitters).

Jaguar Performance Calipers

Jaguar Performance Calipers – Red (offered for F-TYPE).
Jaguar High Performance Calipers – Red (offered for F-TYPE S).
Jaguar Super Performance Calipers – Red (offered for F-TYPE V8 S).

Jaguar Super Performance Braking System

Performance braking upgrade providing
F-TYPE V8 S braking system on F-TYPE and F-TYPE S. (Offered for fitment with 19" wheels and 20" wheels only).