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Whether you’re a company car driver, fleet manager or business owner, we know what an important role a business
car plays.

You want the luxury to make long distances feel short, yet the fuel efficiency to make them cost-effective.
And you want high performance to keep drivers inspired, but with low emissions to keep the taxman happy.

That’s why, from high residual values to reflecting the professionalism of your company, whichever car you choose, you’ll find Jaguar to be the perfect business partner.

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A range of useful fleet & business tools will be coming soon, but in the meantime for more information and for any enquiries don’t hesitate to get in touch:

International Sales

Emil Gaynor
Global Corporate Strategy Manager
+44 (0)1926 923957

National Fleet & Business Customers

Simon Dransfield
General Manager - Corporate Sales Europe
+49 619 6952 1533

Specialist Sales

Andrew Dixey
Global Government & Utility
Strategy Manager
+44 (0)1926 921743

Tourist Military & Diplomatic

Kevin Mellor
Global Tourist, Diplomatic and Military Sales Strategy Manager
(+44) 1926 923229

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