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Safety and security are core principles when designing our vehicles, and Jaguar cars feature some of the most advanced safety and security available today.

Innovations in occupant protection include: “soft landing” technology, which detects the size and weight of the front seat passengers and adjusts airbag contact accordingly; anti-whiplash systems, which move the head restraints forward to support the neck in the event of a collision; and our InControl Protect system, which can automatically send out an SOS Emergency Call to bring relevant services to your exact location in the event of a critical situation.

When it comes to active safety, which minimises the risk of accidents occurring in the first place, our cars are equipped with some of the most cutting-edge features. Features like Blind Spot Monitor: a system that uses radar sensors to alert the driver to any vehicle hidden in the blind spot.

To ensure maximum security for your Jaguar, every vehicle is constantly protected by an alarm and engine immobiliser. Plus our InControl Secure system can detect any illegal movement of your vehicle and liaise with the authorities* to pinpoint its exact location.

* In some markets, this may link to the Emergency Services or an independent secure monitoring centre.

Please note that as we systematically introduce InControl, specific features, options and its availability remain market dependent. Please consult your country-specific Jaguar website or local Retailer for availability in your country.

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