Neil Pryde: A Symmetrical Life

Over the summer, Jaguar and the all-new XF Sportbrake have partnered with Pryde Group, one of the world's biggest players in the marine and adventure sports markets.

Founded 40 years ago by New Zealander Neil Pryde, Pryde Group went from making sails to blitzing fields in watersports and beyond. We chatted to Neil Pryde, Pryde Group Managing Director, to take a deeper exploration into the way that he balances his life:

"I believe that everything in life is symmetrical; good is balanced by bad, excitement is balanced by periods of normality and the adrenaline rush experienced in sport is balanced by relaxation.

The same balance exists in nature. Inevitably, summer turns to winter and even within the seasons, we have good weather followed by bad and these changes are essential to life as we know it.

My own life provides a perfect example of life balance.  

I run a company that operates in the global market across all time zones and in a very competitive market place. This makes for an exciting and demanding life that places huge pressures on the mind and body.  

I balance the intensity of business life by racing my 52 ft ocean racer HI FI in highly competitive yachting events. The objective in both business and sport is winning and the pressure is the same but the means by which winning is achieved is obviously very different and it is this difference that creates the balance.

Planing downwind at 20 knots provides the thrills and excitement that compensate for the business pressures of a working week and without this balance, it would be hard to justify the drive for business success. After all, what would I be working for?  

Just as in life, there is perfect symmetry and balance in the equipment with which I sail. A modern racing yacht is a finely tuned machine where hull and rig work together in perfect balance to create race-winning performances. In nature, and in life and in the equipment with which I race, everything must be in tune and balanced.

If all I did was to race yachts, the thrill and excitement I get from yacht racing would simply not be there; there would not be Life Balance."

Jaguar is the title sponsor of the Jaguar NeilPryde Racing Series - a tour featuring the new, ISAF universal one-design windsurfing class, the RS:One. The next event is this coming weekend in Cardiff (01/09 - 02/09). This will be followed by Trapani (13-16/09), Nice (18-21/10) and Brazil (06-09/12).

You can find out more about the Jaguar NeilPryde Racing Series here: and more about Pryde Group here:

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