Jaguar talks balance with Juan Antonio Flecha

A few months ago on a sunny afternoon in West London, Jaguar revealed their three-year global partnership with Team Sky, an exciting announcement that also coincides with the forthcoming launch of the new XF Sportbrake.

In the gruelling sport of professional cycling, the car plays an integral role during a race, often carrying over £100,000 of cutting-edge cycling equipment on the roof alone - and even more inside! On top of that, it acts as the team's collective brain on the road, a place from where all split second tactical decisions are made. This of course, is where the new Sportbrake comes into play!

Team Sky requires a vehicle that can deliver a fantastic amount of space and performance, along with a versatile environment in which to store vital pieces of equipment. The Sportbrake's self-levelling air suspension at the rear and boundless 1,675 litre loadspace means it is a perfect match for Team Sky's incredibly rigorous requirements.

To celebrate the announcement, we met up with Juan Antonio Flecha, a Team Sky rider who rose to fame after being the first Argentine to win a Tour de France stage, and picked his brains regarding the new partnership and his love of cycling. In the video, Flecha talks at length about his training, Jaguar as an iconic brand, balancing cycling with family life (specifically, the misery of housework after a day in the saddle!), and the importance of having a decent team behind you during a race.

Watch the video here >

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