From agility to versatility: tennis and the XF Sportbrake

When attempting to bridge the gap between the Jaguar XF Sportbrake and the game of tennis, one needs to look no further than to embrace how balance is involved in the success of both practices.

For starters, tennis requires the player to be fully engaged with their surroundings. Whether that consists of their physical or mental strength—agility or hydration—the right game plan on court is built around hard work and diligence.

The Sportbrake theory encompasses similar characteristics to the demands of tennis. In a world that's always moving forward and ever changing, the Sportbrake features streamlined front wings, and sleeker headlamps, which allows drivers to reach their goals more efficiently.

From an aerodynamic perspective—a trait that's vital to any tennis player's movement—the Sportbrake features black mesh inserts for lower air intakes, and a rear spoiler to both foil the competition and leave them spinning in their tracks.

If you're looking to gain the most out of life from the Balanced View, pick up that racket, lace up those sneakers, and trust that the Sportbrake will take you to the greatest courts possible.

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Keep cruising and swinging away.

You can find Nima Naderi at Being the Editor-in-Chief at, Nima Naderi is also a regular contributor to the ATP World Tour and Tennis Canada's official site In addition to that, Nima also hosts the No. 1 tennis radio podcast on iTunes for TennisConnected.

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