Balancing Fun and Passion with the Waves

If you’re passionate about something, why not go as far as you can with it? Champion kite surfer, model and entrepreneur Sophie Mathews certainly has a few (mainly water-based) passions, and she’s channelled them in a variety of ways.

“It’s hard to explain the thrill of kiting, but just thinking about being in the water sends chills through my body and makes me smile.” she told us when we spoke to her, fresh out of the West Wittering surf on a chilly March Sunday afternoon. “It’s easy to learn so you get hooked fast. The kite is flying 25m above you, so you feel free, and it’s surprisingly quiet and peaceful when you’re out there too.  Once you understand how the kite works it becomes second nature so you can almost forget about it. In a word, it’s bliss.”

Sophie has competed around the world in kite surfing championships, and is well known on the international kite surfing scene. Not bad for a girl from rural Hampshire. Sophie has an unconditional love of being in the water, she even jokes about being the “ultimate water girl”, so of course, along with the kiting, comes the windsurfing, wake boarding, sailing and surfing, she’s something of a water-based renaissance woman.
All that hanging around on the beach also got Sophie noticed in another respect, and she’s also a successful model, often modelling for watersports brands. The championship sporting career and modelling would be enough for most, but Sophie balances her sporting passion with both creativity and a keen business eye, designing bikinis as well as running a photoshoot management agency specializing in extreme sports.  Shimma Studios provides bespoke services- managing logistics, sourcing locations, media and extreme sports models.

“The idea came to me after being hired for photoshoots straight off the beach because production companies struggled to find a database of people “who do”. The industry is small but fairly tight knit and closed, so Shimma Studios aims to supply their little black book and in depth knowledge to facilitate a shoot.”

Sophie Mathews is clearly making a career out of balancing fun and passion with getting things done, and we wish her the very best of luck.

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