XF Sportbrake - The Balanced View


Life shouldn't be a compromise so to celebrate the launch of the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake, we’re taking some time to explore the notion of balance. This is because the Sportbrake offers a different solution to the demands of a full and active life. A car that brings elegance and flexibility together in a way only a Jaguar could. Agility and practicality for those that believe a life lived in balance is a life lived in full.

Over the coming months we’ll be looking at the lives of people who strive for the right ratio of dedication, skill and hard work, joy, action and self expression in their lives. A mix of people who have become expert in equilibrium. First off, we’ll be talking to some skyliners – a group of individuals who have combined rock climbing, slacklining, tightrope walking and base jumping with spectacular results. Then we move to the worlds of extreme skiing, mountain biking, endurance cycling, clubbing, art and design to speak with more people who live life to the full.

We have a lot to look forward to and food for thought regarding the way we live our own lives, hopefully what you find on here over the coming months will leave you poised to gain the most out of life, however you choose to live it.

Find us on Twitter on @sportbrake, keep an eye on us for updates, let us know who we should be talking to, tell us who you’d like to hear from. Who ever it is you can be sure that you’ll be hearing the balanced view.


The Sportbrake Team

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