Golf: Rhythm, timing and balance

What do Jaguar's new car, the XF Sportbrake, and Golf have in common? As it so happens, quite a lot.

One of the reasons many golfers play golf is to get the right lifestyle management in their life, perhaps getting them away from the stresses and tribulations of the business world. Once again, the right balance is critical to performance and there is a need to take time-out away from it all out on the golf course. Away from computers and where there is a mandatory requirement to switch off mobile phones.

Out on the golf course, the secret of a successful and elegant golf swing is rhythm, timing and the correct balance. If you do not have the right tempo, your timing and balance will drop to a lower level of performance. The same sort of performance methodology applies in the business world. The peace and tranquility out on the course, followed by some relaxation in the 19th hole brings tranquility, happiness and balance to a busy lifestyle.

These are the same sort of core values that have been adopted in the manufacture of Jaguar's XF Sportbrake, which launched at the Geneva Motor Show last week. The Sportbrake is an estate car that manages to balance elegance, performance and the same sort of flexibility. The launch of The Balanced View is a celebration of a balanced life and a reminder to us all we work to live, not live to work and the correct lifestyle management delivers the optimum harmony.

Graham Gordon is an ex county player who played off a + rating for 14 consecutive seasons and former golf professional. Graham has run the the GolfbloggerUK for the past five years, which is read by visitors from over 200 countries each month.

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