The new XF Sportbrake has supported Team Sky all the way to the podium of the Tour de France. Follow the Team Sky blog to see how they got there.

  • The Strickland Arms wins Team Sky Vive Le Tour Competition!

    Team Sky called into The Strickland Arms in Penrith, Cumbria, on Tuesday 11 September, after a successful third stage in the Tour of Britain.

  • Team Sky Rider - Alex Dowsett

    Team Sky rider, Alex Dowsett, talks time trials with Jaguar.

  • Team Sky Rider - Luke Rowe

    To help understand the amazing technology the Team has put to use on their bikes, Sky rider Luke Rowe offered to show us.

  • Win Signed Team Sky shirts with Jaguar's XF Sportbrake!

    Jaguar is proud to be supporting Team Sky as they compete in the Tour of Britain. To celebrate, we're giving our Twitter followers the chance to win two signed Team Sky shirts this week.

  • The City Of Lights

    Jaguar Engineer Martin Ayres has spent the past three weeks on the road with Team Sky. With victory secured yesterday afternoon on the Champs Elysee, Martin looks back at a life changing experience.

  • Paris on the mind

    A pride of Lions has appeared in the camp. Not the savannah-dwelling-zebra-eating kind, but the fluffy, kid's toy kind. Every stage that Bradley keeps hold of the Yellow Jersey, he is awarded one of these Lion en Peluche (stuffed lion -as with many things, it sounds better in French).

  • The Wrong Tack

    If there was a logbook for the team hotel on the evening of the 15th July, one entry may have stood out slightly from the others.

  • Win Team Sky merchandise with Jaguar's XF Sportbrake!

    Jaguar is proud to be supporting Team Sky as they compete in the challenging 3,497 kilometre Tour de France. To celebrate, we’re giving our Twitter followers the chance to win Team Sky merchandise everyday this week in our exclusive competition.


    There are many hackneyed phrases about the satisfaction of seeing a plan come together, and it would be no great shock if they are being used in relation to our Team Principal Dave Brailsford at the moment.

  • Vive Le Tour Festival

    Vive Le Tour

    11 great British pubs are holding a Vive Le Tour festival on the final two weekends of the Tour de France - the 14th/15th and 21st/22nd July.

  • Mountain High

    There is a new colour in the Team Sky camp – yellow. Amongst the team’s usual colours of black and blue, small flashes are appearing everywhere.

  • The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times

    There is a definitely a feeling amongst the team that with a sprinkling of luck, and an enormous amount of hard work from everyone involved, we could make history. No one mentions it; let alone discusses it for fear of jinxing the whole thing, but I can tell it is there. It governs everything anyone on the team does, every day. By that same token, emotions naturally run high, and indeed low. The past couple of days have run along those lines within the team camp.

  • The Race of Truth

    The past two days has passed in a whirl of excitable energy. Even getting to Liege from the team hotel was an experience I’ll never forget. The team convoy was stuck in gridlocked traffic outside town when a policeman on a motorbike appeared out of thin air. On his lights went, and off we drove into Liege through a two thousand car guard-of-honour that had pulled onto either side of the road to allow us through.

  • The Road to Liege

    Martin Ayres has worked at Jaguar for over 12 years, and is embedded with Sky Pro Cycling (Team Sky) as their performance engineer during the Tour de France. Having not ridden a bike for some 20 years, Martin is a recent convert to the sport after his experience during the Giro d'Italia with the team >

  • Ready to Race

    For the elite riders of Sky Pro Cycling, home is the on the road. From Belgian cobblestones to French alpine passes and Italian Strade Bianchi, the team competes to win at the highest level of their sport, embracing the unique challenges of each individual race >


  • Jaguar and Team Sky Announce Exciting Three Year Partnership

    Jaguar Cars is pleased to announce a new three-year global partnership with Sky Pro Cycling, which coincides with the forthcoming launch of the new XF Sportbrake >

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