XF Sportbrake’s sophisticated safety systems help to ensure a safe journey for driver, passengers and other road users.


    XF Sportbrake’s body structure uses 25 different grades of steel. Boron, an element 900 per cent stronger than regular mild steel, is used to help create a vertical ring of safety around XF Sportbrake’s occupants.

  • XF instrument cluster and steering wheel


    XF Sportbrake features two-stage airbags for the driver and front passenger as well as side and curtain airbags to protect all occupants.  Two-stage airbags reduce the risk of injury from the airbags themselves.  They sense the severity and direction of a collision and deploy appropriately; inflating fully for severe collisions but less so for more moderate impacts. The side airbags are designed to protect the thorax, deploying only in the event of a side impact and then, only on the side of the impact.  The sensing systems ensure that all airbags will only deploy if the seats are occupied. In addition, seatbelts feature ‘soft landing’ technology to soften the contact with the airbag, and an anti-whiplash system is designed to move the head restraints forward if there is an accident.


    XF Sportbrake’s optional Blind Spot Monitor displays an amber warning icon in the external mirrors when the system detects vehicles that can’t be observed either directly or in one of the mirrors.


    Ultrasonic sensors in XF Sportbrake’s rear bumper are designed to detect objects up to 1.8m away and provide an audible warning. At the same time, graphics on the Touch-screen show the object in relation to the car.

    XF Sportbrake also offers the option of combining a front parking aid – designed to alert you to objects ahead of the car – and a rear camera parking aid which displays video from a rear-facing digital camera on the Touch-screen.


    The industry-leading Pedestrian Contact Sensing System™ and automatically deployable bonnet can also help protect those outside the car. The system is designed to raise the bonnet slightly if it detects contact with a pedestrian in order to help prevent their head from contacting hard points under the bonnet.


    XF Sportbrake features a number of safety systems designed to improve road-holding and stability:
    - Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
    - Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)
    - Anti-lock brakes
    - Traction control (through engine and brake intervention)
    - Dynamic Stability Control
    - Cornering brake control
    - Engine drag torque control

    When Adaptive Cruise Control is specified, XF Sportbrake also features Intelligent Emergency Braking and Active Seat Belts that detect how firmly they need to be applied during emergency braking.

    XF Sportbrake sports understeer control logic designed to help slow the car and restore grip to the front wheels if the driver understeers.


    With this option fitted, XF Sportbrake delivers an alert message if the pressure in any of the tyres goes down.


    Door locks on XF Sportbrake are controlled remotely from the Jaguar Smart Key System™ with Keyless start and Keyless entry.Each door can also be locked or double–locked with a button on the handle. In addition, the doors will lock automatically when the car reaches a pre-set speed chosen by the driver. XF Sportbrake is also protected by an alarm and engine immobiliser.


    With the XF Sportbrake’s optional Adaptive Front Lighting with intelligent high beam, sensors react to the car’s speed, steering input and environment light conditions and smoothly alter the power, direction and spread of the beams to maintain optimal coverage whatever the situation. Adaptive Front Lighting reduces glare and instills great confidence in dark conditions.

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