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    XF Sportbrake brings complete control to your fingertips using an innovative 7 inch colour Touch-screen. Simple and intuitive, it ensures you are never more than a few selections from any control: satellite navigation, climate control, Bluetooth® telephone connectivity or in-car audio. Its Front Media Interface can also provide full control of an iPod or MP3 player, displaying details of playlists and music stored by artist, album and genre.


    XF Sportbrake’s advanced Bluetooth® technology can link compatible mobile phones to the in-built hands-free telephone system, without the need for wires or cradles. Calls can be made and accepted either through the central screen, the steering wheel controls, or the optional Interactive Voice control feature.

    It’s also possible to play streamed music from MP3 players with Bluetooth® audio streaming through the XF Sportbrake’s audio system.

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    At the heart of XF Sportbrake’s multimedia functions is a 30GB Hard Disk Drive providing easy updating and lightning fast access to the global navigation maps and data. The system even learns your favourite journeys. Deviate from a proposed route three times and the system will offer your favoured route as an option. Eco route helps you choose the most fuel efficient route by analysing the proposed journey to display the most economical one. The system can show proximity to Points Of Interest (POI) like your nearest petrol station or local Jaguar dealer.


    There is an option of using the 7 inch colour Touch-screen as a television, provided the car is stationary. Up to nine analogue and nine digital channel settings can be stored.


    Turn on XF Sportbrake’s superb audio system and the cabin comes alive. Ten strategically placed speakers deliver 250W of pure audio fidelity, surrounding you with exceptional sound quality.

    Also available are two systems engineered by Meridian, the ultimate audio specialists. Both are designed and created specifically for XF Sportbrake’s unique interior space. Meridian’s 380 watt Sound System with eleven loudspeakers produces a seminal audio experience while their incredible 825 watt Surround Sound System uses no less than 17 loudspeakers (including sub woofer) to create sound that is just as the artist intended.  Meridian achieves this by benchmarking acoustic performance against real musical instruments.

    Pioneered by Meridian, Trifield™ technology ensures a perfect central image for each occupant and produces an holistic sound within the cabin to deliver a concert-like experience. Through an XF Sportbrake Meridian Audio System everyone can hear the difference.


    With XF Sportbrake’s Interactive Voice option, the driver presses the ‘Voice’ button on the steering wheel and can then use spoken commands to control the audio, climate control and navigation systems, as well as the Touch-screen and Bluetooth® connection. The system incorporates the latest ‘Say What You See’ technology, allowing the driver to respond to on-screen prompts. Interactive Voice can be programmed to recognise the user’s voice, which helps the navigation system respond specific to requests such as ‘restaurant’ or ‘Jaguar dealer’.


    As rich and vibrant as the artist intended, audio is instantly served with the integral Virtual Multichanger. XF Sportbrake’s onboard hard disk digitally stores up to 10 CDs in true-fidelity uncompressed format for immediate playback at the highest possible quality.  All audio choices are easily selectable from intuitive menus on the 7 inch colour Touch-screen.

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