Paint and Corrosion Warranties

All New XJ Supersport LWB in Spectrum Blue with 20" Mataiva alloy wheels

Protection for Paintwork and Bodywork

Two separate Jaguar warranties cover you against damage or defects on the exterior of your car: the Paint Surface Warranty and the Corrosion Protection Warranty.


    If your Jaguar’s paint surface needs attention due to a defect in material or application, the necessary repairs will be undertaken by a Jaguar Approved Repairer, completely free of charge. Cover applies for three years from purchase, regardless of distance.


    If any part of your Jaguar’s bodywork is perforated by rust corrosion, the panel(s) affected will be repaired or replaced by a Jaguar Authorised Repairer, completely free of charge and regardless of any change in vehicle ownership. Cover applies for a period of six years, regardless of distance.

    For the purpose of this Warranty, “bodywork” is defined as metal panels, including doors, bonnet, boot lid, engine and boot compartments, wings, sills, scuttles, roof, floor panel, frames and chassis members, but excluding attachments such as bright trim, bumpers, mouldings, hinges and road wheels.


    If your car needs body repairs due to accident damage, they will be carried out using only approved parts, materials and repair techniques. This will ensure continuing cover on the repaired sections for the remaining period of the Corrosion Protection Warranty.

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