Service Indicator Lights

New XJ leaper grille

Helping You Remember Service Intervals

The latest Jaguar models feature a service interval message in the information display, which lights up when there is less than 3400 km (2000 miles) before the car’s next service is due.

After the completion of each service, the Dealer/Authorised Repairer will reset the distance display to commence the countdown to the next service.

When the ignition is switched on, and the vehicle has started its service countdown, the message SERVICE REQ’D XXXX km (XXXX MLS) is displayed for five seconds, accompanied by an Amber warning icon. When the service distance has been reached, SERVICE REQUIRED is displayed for five seconds, accompanied by a red warning light. The distance countdown reduces in increments of 50 km or 50 miles, depending on which display units have been selected.

The distance countdown is controlled by the engine management system and is automatically adjusted to allow for driving style and conditions, to accurately gauge when the next service becomes necessary.

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