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A genuine Jaguar oil filter is designed to provide full-flow filtration of the engine oil. The filtered oil is vital to lubricate and prevent wear to internal moving engine components such as the crankshaft and camshafts, making it absolutely crucial for engine function and durability.

There is the risk that the use of a non-representative oil filter not meeting Jaguar standards and specifications could lead to substantial vehicle problems. Some of the major issues that might occur include:

- A filter blocks too quickly; this may cause an emergency bypass valve to open which supplies unfiltered oil to the engine that could damage engine components.
- Not to standard filtration allows too many or too large particles to pass through, increasing engine wear and increasing emissions output.
- A filter element bursts or breaks up due to the lack of ability to handle engine oil running at a high temperature, potentially leading to engine failure.
- Poor material and tolerances could compromise sealing ability. A failure to seal may lead to engine failure through unfiltered oil or low oil pressure.
- Not meeting the specified service interval

To avoid these issues, genuine Jaguar oil filters go through a development process that includes thousands of hours of engine tests being completed. From these tests, filters and oil samples from representative service intervals are returned to suppliers for analysis to ensure the high specifications are met. Further to this, oil filters are subjected to thousands of miles of intense vehicle testing in sweltering hot 100°F climates and sub-zero arctic cold climates.

To reach a 'micron' level of filtration, genuine Jaguar oil filters use the highest standard of materials and technology. As an example, the new generation of AJ-V8 and AJ-V6 engines in the Jaguar XF have adopted the use of a glass fibre media as opposed to paper to provide superior filtration efficiency.

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