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Protection from Unseen Impurities

There is always a risk that the fuel going into your vehicle may contain particles such as dirt, sand, or rust. Some of these can be measured at micron levels (one micron being the equivalent of one thousandth of a millimetre). If a fuel filter has poor filtration levels, these abrasive particles get through and can come into contact with the fuel injectors and surrounding components, potentially affecting power, emissions, noise, and fuel economy.

These variables are critical to your Jaguar. A fuel filter of inferior quality and composition could also accelerate wear and damage to the fuel injectors and fuel pump; something that could become a complicated and costly problem.

Jaguar offers genuine fuel filters that provide a high level of protection for petrol and diesel engines against corrosive and harmful products. The genuine Jaguar fuel filters developed for our diesel engines, for example, are designed to be 93.5% efficient at blocking particles in the 3-5 micron range; literally filtering at a microscopic level. Whilst doing this, they also filter out any water from the diesel fuel, maintaining a high level of protection for the engine. Not only do the filters provide optimum protection, but they also ensure the ability to maintain a controlled and precise flow of fuel to the engine; the perfect conditions for effortless performance.

As with all other genuine Jaguar parts and accessories, Jaguar fuel filters are subjected to a barrage of tests such as Durability Testing, Corrosion Testing, and Pressure Cycle Testing. From a safety point of view, genuine fuel filters are also closely monitored during Crash Testing.

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