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The Unmistakeable Sound of a Jaguar

The Jaguar exhaust system is purposely designed to deliver a sporting roar when accelerating on the open road, while remaining more refined while cruising. Months of development go into delivering the optimum tonal range, commensurate with legal requirements.

The breathtaking sound of the exhaust system is matched by its material specification.

Stainless steel is selected specifically to withstand exhaust gas temperatures in excess of 700ÂșC, and give the entire exhaust system a robust and durable structure. During the development and approval process, a Jaguar exhaust system is subjected to over 1000 hours of harsh testing on specialist dynamometer test rigs that simulate a variety of challenging driving conditions. Hundreds of hours alone are spent testing the exhaust system near the maximum speed of the engine, often at levels beyond those encountered in normal use.

The development process also ensures that the engine management system of a Jaguar is specifically calibrated and tuned to match the characteristics of the exhaust. The end result is optimum performance and fuel economy; benefits that may not be seen in an exhaust system of inferior quality or one that isn't calibrated to Jaguar's high standards.

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