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We were the first car manufacturer to use disc brakes on production cars and braking remains an aspect of the car we care about passionately. Our brake pads and discs undergo up to 12 months of meticulous design and development before approval. Attributes such as dimensional tolerances, force tolerances, weight, and material compound are carefully considered to overcome issues such as quick brake fade, low wear life, grinding, squeaking, and unbalanced braking.

Genuine Jaguar brake discs and pads are developed to meet stringent targets grouped into five criteria, each one involving its own unique tests.


    Our no-compromise attitude to braking performance can be seen in the tests we run at the renowned Nurburgring ‘Nordschleife’ racing circuit in Germany; brake discs and pads must comfortably handle at least 22 laps of the gruelling 20km circuit.


    Genuine brake pads and discs are tested in various temperature extremes, ranging from the scorching 120°F heat of Death Valley California, to the sub-zero arctic climates of northern Sweden.


    Our brake pads and discs are stretched to the limit on steep winding mountain roads in the Alps. These roads are tackled with fully weight laden vehicles to ensure that braking remains stable and steady throughout.


    Jaguar brakes run through the industry standard AMS Brake Fade test. The vehicle rapidly accelerates up to 100kph, then brakes as hard as possible until the vehicle comes to a stop. This harsh procedure is repeated non-stop for a total of 12 cycles.


    Jaguar brakes are capable of handling prolonged and strenuous braking that pushes disc and pad temperatures to over 500°C, without compromising performance. Even after being subjected to these incredible temperatures, Jaguar brake discs and pads must remain strong enough to hold the handbrake on a sharp 18% incline.

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