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Jaguar alloy wheels deliver a visual excitement that matches the sporting nature of your Jaguar. Rather than stop at design excellence, however, we go further to ensure they meet uncompromising engineering standards of structure, performance, durability, and safety.


    Jaguar genuine parts Alloy wheels use a unique Aluminium and Silicone alloy compound that provides optimum strength and durability. Detailed attention to quality engineering continues into the production phase, where all genuine jaguar alloy wheels are subjected to a detailed X-Ray for crack detection. Even if there is a minuscule crack in the rim, the no-compromise attitude to structural integrity means that the wheel is rejected.


    Genuine Alloy Wheels are engineered to precise geometric and balance standards. On Jaguars that benefit from a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), all genuine alloy wheels compatible with the system are designed to retain precise balance even after fitment of the tyre pressure monitoring valve. All genuine alloy wheels also provide an accurate clearance from components such as brake callipers.


    An intensive development programme is undertaken before approving a genuine Jaguar alloy wheel. The alloy wheel is subjected to a punishing 12 week dynamic corrosion test. This analyses resistance of the alloy wheel to corrosive fluids such as cleaning products, brake fluid, fuel, and other liquids varying in acidity and alkalinity. Further to this, alloy wheels are also subjected to thousands of hours of salt spray tests and UV (Ultra-Violet) light tests; both tests are specifically set up to monitor durability in harsh conditions.


    In one of the more dramatic tests, the Pendulum Impact Test simulates kerb strike impacts against the alloy wheel at its weakest and strongest point. The alloy wheel is closely monitored to check for optimal structural behaviour that provides optimal safety and shock absorption for passenger and vehicle.

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