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The air filter plays an integral role in ensuring your engine receives the exact amount of clean and contaminant-free air. A genuine Jaguar air filter is guaranteed to meet two key standards: calibration and filtration.


    Every Jaguar is developed with the optimal level of calibration and tuning. This high level of precise calibration is maintained and prolonged by genuine Jaguar air filters, which are designed to work with a specific vehicle and engine. Genuine Jaguar air filters also have a specific structure and layout to form the perfect air flow needed by the engine system and its sensors. If a filter with an inferior structure is used, there is a risk that this air flow can be disrupted, leading to issues with sensor readings. In the worst case, these issues can hinder engine performance and fuel economy, even notably increase tailpipe emissions.


    The air drawn into an engine contains harmful particles such as dirt or dust. An air filter with poor levels of filtration may let enough air flow into the engine system, but may not provide sufficient protection against these particles. Poor protection would lead to these harmful particles damaging the engine system and compromising power, emissions, and fuel economy levels. Jaguar air filters provide a micron level of filtration against any harmful particles. Our Air filters are also designed to minimise the restriction of air flow, and maintain a controlled flow of clean air needed by the engine system. The end result is a filter that excels in performance and protection.

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