Quickshift Transmission

F-TYPE’s Quickshift automatic transmission is both lightning fast and superbly refined, offering the benefits of a double clutch transmission and a conventional automatic without the limitations of either. 8 closely- spaced ratios keep the engine with its most effective rev range for longer to support economy or outright performance. It has been optimised to provide instantaneous response and outstanding driver feedback, combining the benefits of both a double clutch transmission (DCT) and an automatic gearbox without their respective disadvantages.

The transmission’s control system is intelligent and adaptive. It monitors the driving situation together with the demands the driver is making on the car, and responds to provide a truly dynamic experience. Adaptive software automatically modifies the gear shift strategy, ensuring the right gear is selected for every situation.


    Fast Throttle-Off recognises when the driver is making rapid throttle adjustments, for example during multiple manoeuvres, and automatically holds the gear ratio in anticipation of the next move.


    This feature senses when the car is in a corner and holds its gear ratio, ensuring the car is in the correct gear when exiting a bend.


    When decelerating and changing down, the F-TYPE’s Speed Management System matches the engine speed to the gearbox speed, and, when in Sport Manual mode,  automatically ‘blips’ the throttle during downshifts.


    In very hard braking conditions – for example, when braking for a corner – the F-TYPE’s Spontaneous Vehicle Deceleration enables the car to rapidly select lower gears to ensure the correct gear is in place ready for the corner.


    Dynamic Launch Mode, standard on F-TYPE S applies maximum torque through the gear changes delivering optimum acceleration from rest to 100 km/h. The driver can take full manual control of the transmission using either gear shift paddles mounted behind the steering wheel, or the joystick-style SportShift gear selector.

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