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New XJ Bowers & Wilkins Speaker

The new XJ boasts an extraordinary high-quality audio system, thanks to the innovative partnership between Jaguar and Bowers & Wilkins.

  • It changes the way we'll listen to music in a car. Integrated into the new XJ is a state-of-the-art Bowers & Wilkins surround-sound system, designed by the people who create some of the world's best-regarded loudspeakers and hi-fi equipment.

    The system designed specifically for the all new XJ delivers the best possible sound through the careful placement of no fewer than 20 of the most technically sophisticated Bowers &Wilkins speakers, powered through 15 channels and enhanced by the very latest in digital sound-processing technology.

    "It's quite simply the most extraordinary audio system ever to be integrated into the interior of a production car," says Matt Jones, audio technical specialist for Jaguar.
    Computer modelling helped start the process, but it was extensive listening and years of acoustic engineering experience that finalised the ultimate locations in the XJ. At the heart of the process to create a speaker system perfectly tailored to the XJ's cabin was a £100,000 Jaguar listening room, built to the highest standards of 11.2 surround sound, and using 10,000W of Bowers & Wilkins speakers to evaluate and determine which of the very best technologies would be used on the new XJ. "By talking to potential XJ buyers, we knew a great many had installed sophisticated surround-sound systems in their homes and yachts, and they were looking for the same level of sophistication in their cars," Matt explains.

    Bowers & Wilkins helped ensure each individual speaker design was optimised for their specific position in the XJ, and that the 54,000 parameters of equalisation, specifically tuned for both the standard- and long-wheelbase versions, were perfectly honed. Their expertise and 'golden-ears' approach was invaluable in getting the optimum sound within the car.

  • The XJ's audio system features Bowers & Wilkins' acclaimed mid-range driver speakers with their trademark yellow Kevlar cones and powerful, yet lightweight neodymium rare earth magnets, and no fewer than three speakers are integrated in each door. The complete system is driven by that giant 1200W amplifier mounted in the boot, and connected to the head unit in the dash through digital fibre-optic links.
    It has been designed to work specifically with Jaguar's iTech intuitive technology, which effortlessly controls high-quality video and audio from a variety of sources. Whether it's the hard-disc-drive (HDD) that can store the equivalent of 10 uncompressed, perfect quality CDs, movies on DVD, music from DAB digital radio or your iPod, the system ensures you'll be treated to quite astonishing audio quality.
    Among the innovations created to achieve this remarkable level of audio performance is the first automotive application of the sophisticated Audyssey MultEQ® audio tuning system. This digitally corrects the slightest imperfection created by the cabin environment to deliver accurate, enveloping, distortion-free sound for every seat in the house.

  • The new XJ also marks the very first application of the Dolby® Pro Logic IIx encoder and is the first to offer a choice with the DTSTM Neo:6 encoder to deliver the latest cinema-quality 7.1 surround-sound performance.

    "What we set out to achieve was the same quality of sound, the same clarity and subtlety, and yes, the awesome power, of the very best home audio systems, that anyone listening to this new system will be blown away by the sound quality,” says Matt. “It's just like IMAX for the car."

    Audyssey MultEQ® is a registered trademark of Audyssey Laboratories, Inc. and any use of such marks by Jaguar Land Rover Limited is under license.
    Dolby® is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories and any use of such marks by Jaguar Land Rover Limited is under license.
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