Entertainment and navigation

XJ drivers and passengers enjoy a range of superb entertainment, phone and navigation systems, all integrated within the innovative Jaguar iTech platform.


    The heart of the XJ’s multimedia functions is a 30GB hard disk drive housed in the centre console. As well as holding the car’s sophisticated navigation system, it can store music from up to ten CDs (uncompressed) and will connect to audio, video and memory devices – either through its USB connection, an auxiliary jack-plug or Bluetooth®. 

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    XJ drivers have complete flexibility about how they operate the car’s multimedia systems, whether they are choosing a piece of music, taking a phone call or asking the navigation system for directions.
    - The principle control panel is the high-definition touch-screen in the centre console, which displays all available multimedia options.
    - The virtual instruments are also used to offer details of multimedia options – the tachometer to the right of the speedometer is temporarily replaced by alert messages, such as low fuel, or prompts for spoken commands – for example, a list of music tracks or phone numbers to choose from.
    - With Jaguar’s Interactive Voice system, many multimedia functions can be controlled with simple spoken commands. The technology is designed to cut the risk of misunderstood commands and works by giving the driver a list of possible options in the virtual instruments.
    - Steering wheel controls are another way to operate the multimedia systems – they will switch on Interactive Voice, for instance, and allow the driver to toggle through lists displayed in the virtual instruments, adjust the volume and choose pre-set radio stations.
    - Rear-set passengers have their own touch-screen remote controller for both the main entertainment system and the video screens mounted in the front-seat headrests.


    The XJ can be fitted with video screens in the centre console and the back of the front-seat headrests. These will show digital or analogue TV, or DVDs – either from the internal hard drive or an external player attached to the media hub. It is possible to have the centre console fitted with Dual-View, so that the driver and passenger see completely different content.

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    The XJ’s built-in telephone system allows the driver to make and receive calls using controls on the Touch-screen or steering wheel, or with spoken commands. Up to five mobile phones can use the car’s Bluetooth® connections. In addition, Bluetooth® Streaming Technology allows audio content to be streamed wirelessly into the XJ’s entertainment system.

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    The XJ satellite navigation system is based in the internal hard disk drive, which makes it easier to update and gives much faster access to data. The system can be controlled through the Touch-screen or with spoken commands, and shows information on the Touch-screen and in the virtual instruments.

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