Turn on XJ's superb audio system and the cabin comes alive with sound. Two pure fidelity systems engineered by Meridian, the ultimate audio specialists, are available and both are designed specifically for XJ's unique interior space.

Meridian's 380W system uses a powerful 12-channel DSP amplifier. No less than 14 speakers (including 2 subwoofers and 2.8 inch front door woofers) surround you with exceptional sound quality that provides a seminal audio experience.

Meridian's incredible 825W Surround Sound Audio System uses 20 speakers and 2 sub woofers with Audyssey MultEQ sound equalisation technology. Together they produce 7.1 surround sound and create audio that is just as the artist intended, by benchmarking acoustic performance against real musical instruments.

Pioneered by Meridian, Trifield technology ensures a perfect stereo image for each occupant and produces an holistic sound within the cabin to deliver a concert-like experience.

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