Sustainable Development Policy

Jaguar Sustainability

Our Policy

  • We are committed to addressing the challenges of sustainable development and operating as a responsible corporate business.  We will strive to achieve sustainability by integrating and balancing our economic, social and environmental responsibilities within all our activities.

    We will develop and operate efficient business processes that are holistic, encompassing economic, social and environmental requirements, and that are an integral part of the decision-making process.

    We will implement tools and techniques to enable us to assess our sustainability impacts, to ensure performance improvement, and periodically we will report on our performance.
    Fundamental to our operation is the commitment to continual improvement, and to meet or exceed legal and regulatory requirements in all of our activities.


    - Deliver financial growth with a focus on a long term sustainability, recognising our responsibilities to the wide range of stakeholders
    - Account for the true impact of our activities to better inform decision making


    - Recognise and meet our corporate responsibilities to the many stakeholders in our business, including shareholders, employees, suppliers, dealers and customers, and neighbouring communities
    - Understand our contribution to society in the broader context of "sustainable mobility" to support our long term planning.


    - Improve environmental performance throughout the business by reducing and preventing pollution, conserving resources, managing materials of concern responsibly, minimising wastes, and implementing effective and efficient processes
    - Optimise the potential for the use of alternative fuels, renewable energy, and recycled and sustainable materials

    David M Smith
    Chief Executive Officer

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