XK Reviews

XK Rhodium Silver


The current incarnations of the XK and XKR have been runaway hits with the media.

"With high-performance models like the new XKR and XFR pouncing on to the scene, Jaguar is establishing itself once again as a power-player in the performance-luxury market."
Technorati.com, March 2009

"Refinement is terrific and power delivery creamy smooth... ...Jaguar just got more serious for enthusiasts"
Autoweek Online, March 2009

"New V8 Engine and interior changes have made... [the XKR] ...a true world-class GT."
Autocar, 26 February 2009

"Looking truly feline, the XKR is both muscular and elegant, evoking thoughts of the classic XK-E.
OnCars.com, 11 January 2009

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