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The XF and XFR are among the most revered Jaguars ever.
"...the supercharged XFR has a brilliant new V8 engine that churns out more than 500 hp, and the car strikes the seemingly impossible balance of being extremely fast and extremely composed without sacrificing everyday drivability or comfort."
Joe DeMatio, Executive Editor, Automobile Magazine, April 2009

"With the revised XKR, it forms a double-pronged attack on the perception of Jaguars as softies by being the sportiest, most sharp-edged saloon Jaguar has ever made."
Winding Road Magazine April 2009

"Faster, more precise, but with no loss of comfort or capability, the XFR has clearly built on the XF's fine foundation."
Motor Trend Online - First Drive, April 2009

"Even by Jaguar’s standards, [the XFR] is the saloon that has it all – including a mighty, all-new supercharged 5-litre V8 engine with power and torque outputs that singe the paper on which they’re printed."
EVO, April 2009

"It's quicker in a straight line than the M5 and more fluent through corners……when it's time to wind down... ...it's quieter and more comfortable."
Car, April 2009

"Jaguar needed a solid hit, and slammed a home run with the XF. Design chief Ian Callum has successfully reinvented Jaguar's design language for modern times. Superb packaging, a custom-tailored cabin, and class-competitive driving dynamics make for a midsize luxo/sport sedan that can more than dice with the German stalwarts."
Motor Trend's Top 40 New Cars, Motor Trend, 1 April 2009

"With high-performance models like the new XKR and XFR pouncing onto the scene, Jaguar is establishing itself once again as a power-player in the performance-luxury market."
Technorati.com, March 2009

"Refinement is terrific and power delivery creamy smooth."
Autoweek Online, March 2009

"On the road the new 2010 XF Diesel S is a brilliant device. It performs strongly when you want to charge, soothes when you want to cruise and promises improved economy."
Car Online, March 2009

"Driving the Jaguar XF is a genuine revelation."
Robb Report, 1 March 2009

"There's something about the XF that doesn't translate well in photos, a feeling of specialness that's unique to Jaguar. This car feels somehow more precious than its competitors, like a rarer, more exotic beast."
BlackAmericaWeb, March 2009

"The precision with which it could be guided, the delicacy with which it could be adjusted and the sheer muscle-wilting grip that its fat Dunlops could generate will live on in my mind for some time to come. It's steering in particular is magnificent."
AutoCar, 25 February 2009

"The vehicle is specifically designed to take on the BMW M5 and Mercedes-Benz E63AMG. Pricing for the car has been announced at a flat $80,000. This is several thousand less than the M5 and E63 yet the XFR offers more power than the other two."
Dub Magazine, 23 February 2009

"...if you're in the market for a very fast, very capable luxury saloon you could spend an awful lot more and end up with something that's nowhere near as good as the XFR."What Car? Online, 16 February 2009

"It accelerates spectacularly from rest, but it's on a sweeping A-road ormotorway where the big Jag will really bare its teeth. Flick the paddles behind the steering wheel to select third gear, stamp on the throttle at 50mph and an enormous 461 lb ft of torque will shunt you forwards with supercar pace, pinning your body back into super-comfortable seats."
The Sunday Times, 15 February 2009

"So much power, high-tech gadgetry, and throbbing colours make you realize this isn't just a car, but a highly tuned, road-ready, super machine..."
baltimoreexaminer.com, 5 February 2009 Katy Sun, February 2009

"The XF rides beautifully, is quiet, moves out well and its V8 sounds great..."
ConsumerReports.org, February 2009

"If you want the best all-round high-performance saloon the Jaguar XFR is the answer."
AUTOCAR online, February 2009

"As the revs climb, the quad exhaust arrangement begins to roar, and the car's speed begins to build with supercar rivalling pace. Through sweeping bends, the XFR offers huge amounts of grip, and this coupled with the car's accurate steering and powerful brakes helps you to cover ground quickly and effortlessly."
AutoExpress, February 2009

"There is a certain point when purchasing an automobile when rational thought goes out the window and is replaced by pure unadulterated lust. The new XFR is considerably north of that point, and not just because it looks like a bad little kitty on wheels."
(Top Ten Vehicles from the 2009 Detroit Auto Show: 2010 Jaguar XFR)
Windy City Times 28 January 2009

"...the new expanded Jaguar V6 diesel has numbers that could shake petrol proponents out of their tree permanently..."
The Press (Christchurch, New Zealand), 17 January 2009

"...a super-silent new 3 litre diesel Jaguar XF that does more than 42mpg and is arguably the best diesel in the world."
The Sun (UK), 9 January 2009

"In a recent comparison, we ranked the XF above its BMW, Benz and Lexus competitors. It was a serious contender for the 2009 Car of the Year."
Motor Trend, 9 January 2009

"...the XF sedan drives like a dream. Smooth and powerful, solid and responsive, the Jaguar offers many reasons to make the driver want to motor for miles and miles- just for enjoyment."
The Gazette (Gaithersburg/Montgomery Village MD), 7 January 2009

"Featuring all-new AJ-V8 Gen III direct-injection engines, the XF now delivers more power and more performance with comparable or better fuel economy and emissions than the engines they supersede".
PR Newswire, January 2009

"Everyone of the XF models offers a lovely drive. They are all exceptionally quiet- even the V8 and SV8 models which boast 19- and 20-inch wheels -and their interiors are quintessential Jaguar with combinations of leather, wood and brushed alloy trim."
The Daily News (New Plymouth, New Zealand), December 2008

"...I believe the XF will be remembered as the car that reinvented Jaguar in the 21st century - from aesthetics to drivability, it really is that good."
Sunday Times (South Africa), 30 November 2008

"The Jag also has the best sound system we've heard in any non-modified car,with speakers by Bowers & Wilkins and full Dolby Logic II surround sound. And it's LOUD!"

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