XF Coast to Coast

Why are you performing the trip?
The journey is intended to demonstrate the extraordinary efficiency of the Jaguar XF 2.2 as it crosses America, its arrival in California coinciding with the opening of the Los Angeles Motor Show.

What's the relevance of this?
The car will be travelling at the speed limit of each state it passes through – averaging around 65mph. The car will also be scrupulously standard while the drivers are not employees of Jaguar and are entirely independent. This trip will demonstrate the real world capabilities of the XF – this is not a hardcore economy challenge in which the car has been modified and is averaging 30mph.

What kind of economy are you expecting over the duration of the trip?
We are hoping to significantly better the combined economy figure and aim to use as close to £100/116 Euro in fuel as possible for the entire journey.

Why are you using an XF 2.2 when it's not sold in North America?
Jaguar has a long-term commitment to improving efficiency without sacrificing performance and is at the forefront of diesel technology development. This project is part of a long-term global evaluation process to decide the viability of diesel in the US market.

How can I access material on the project?
Material will be distributed by Laura Edwards daily – this will include a press release and accompanying images. Alternatively Faye Goldstraw (0044 7860 872 224) can be reached at any time during the trip.

What will happen to the car on arrival in Los Angeles?
Journalists planning to join Jaguar at the LA Show will be able to see the car and interview the driver from November 13 onwards.


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