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Protect yourself and your passengers with a range of advanced safety systems.

Adaptive Restraint Technology System (ARTSTM)

Jaguar’s highly sophisticated Adaptive Restraint Technology System (ARTSTM) features intelligent sensors that are designed to assess the severity of an impact. These sensors calculate driver and passenger weight, seat position and seat belt status, in order to deploy the dual stage airbags in the most effective way.


Convertible models feature a highly advanced roll over protection system. On-board sensors are designed to detect an impending roll over, and deploy two concealed protection bars that spring outwards from behind the rear seats to lock into place within 65 milliseconds.

XK rollover protection bars
  1. Advanced Braking

    Anti-lock brakes vary the brake pressure during an emergency stop, to prevent locking and maintain steering control. Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) can offer further reassurance. The system is designed to apply greater braking pressure in the event of unusually heavy braking.

  2. Enhanced Security

    All models feature central double locking, an alarm and engine immobiliser. Door locks can be controlled either remotely from your key fob, or by using the button on the door handle with the Jaguar Smart Key System tm with Keyless Entry. At night the key fob can also be used to activate the headlights as you approach the car. As an additional security feature, the doors will lock automatically when the car reaches a pre-set speed chosen by the driver.

  3. Pedestrian Contact Sensing System

    Help protect the people outside your car as well as those inside. Should the XK make contact with a pedestrian, the industry-leading Pedestrian Contact Sensing System™ is designed to automatically raise the bonnet slightly to help prevent their head from contacting hard points underneath.

  4. Tyre Pressure Monitoring

    Correct tyre pressure is vital to your XK’s efficiency and handling. Help maintain your tyres correctly with an automatic alert message if the pressure in any of the tyres drops by selecting optional Tyre Pressure Monitoring.