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Music, radio, TV and film for your entertainment. Phone and navigation systems for your convenience.

Meridian speaker detail


No distortion or compression, just moving music from Jaguar’s 250W Sound System: 12 speakers with a high-mounted woofer and tweeter in each door. All our audio systems come with Digital and AM/FM radios, and are compatible with WMA and MP3 players.


Designed for XJ by Meridian, the British audio experts, three systems are available: the Meridian 380W Audio System, the Meridian 825W Surround Audio System and the Meridian 1300W Reference Audio System. All feature advanced technology such as Digital Sound Processor (DSP) software to create superb stereo throughout the cabin and optimise every element of the system, as well as Meridian Cabin Correction (MCC) to dramatically improve the clarity and authenticity of your music. The Meridian 380W Audio System has 14 speakers, including 2 subwoofers and 2 x 8 inch front door woofers for a seminal audio experience. The Meridian 825W Surround Audio System uses no less than 20 speakers including 2 subwoofers with Audyssey MultEQ sound equalisation technology to produce 7.1 surround sound, with Meridian's exclusive Trifield TM technology ensuring a perfect stereo image for each occupant wherever they are seated.

The latest addition to the range is the incredible Meridian 1300W Reference Audio System using an impressive 26 speakers. This ultra-premium sound system employs Psychoacoustics to produce sounds that are so true to life they are perceived by the brain as the real thing and evoke psychological and emotional responses accordingly.
XJ is the place to hold a meeting or have an informal chat while on the move – without ever having to raise one’s voice. Conversation Assist, available as standard with the Meridian Reference Audio System, allows the driver or front seat passenger to talk with ease to passengers in the rear of the car. And vice versa. Microphones above each seating position reinforce the occupants’ voices via the audio system’s speakers, making it much easier for everyone to be heard.


Keep passengers entertained with the Rear Seat Entertainment Pack. It features dual 8 inch screens in the rear of the front headrests - for an even more dramatic experience an upgrade is available to 10.2 inch screens mounted on the back of the front seats. Rear passengers can watch TV, DVD or streamed video via the Rear Media Interface. The system includes dual WhiteFire® digital wireless headphones and transmitter.


Always ready to display the most relevant information in an instant, XJ's innovative Virtual Instrument panel is also customisable and, with its crystal clear screen, it appears to be as real and solid as a 3-dimensional version. The screen automatically varies the display to give the driver relevant updates, such as information on the road ahead and fuel range. Simple 5-way controls on the steering wheel provide access to regularly used functions and are fully integrated with the Virtual Instruments.


You’re always in touch, safely. Make phone calls using your Touch-screen or steering wheel controls with your mobile linked to the hands-free system; or stream audio content wirelessly to XJ’s entertainment system with Bluetooth® technology. XJ’s navigation system gives you clear, up-to-date instructions and, if necessary, congestion alerts with alternative routes. And if you’re running low on fuel, the Touch-screen displays details of the closest fuel stations.