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Detail image of a carbon fibre Supercharged bonnet louvre on XFR





Discover a range of superb entertainment, phone and navigation systems brought to life in the XF.


Life’s simpler with Touch-screen control. Manage your multimedia systems from the easy-to-use 7 inch Touch-screen in the centre console, including iPod® or MP3 player, with details of playlists and music displayed by artist, album and genre.


Let your music move you. Whichever XF you drive, you can listen to your favourite music on one of the most state-of-the-art audio systems. Play music from digital, AM and FM radio tuners, CD, stored on the hard disk or from an external source, such as your MP3 player, all with zero distortion.

Enjoy 8 high-efficiency speakers with a high-mounted woofer and tweeter in each door, with the Jaguar 250W Sound System.

Discover new dimensions in sound quality with the Meridian™ 380W Sound System, including 11 loudspeakers positioned throughout the cabin. Dynamic Volume Control constantly compensates for changes in ambient sound – giving you consistently high quality audio. Meanwhile Meridian™ Cabin Correction (MCC) delivers a smoother, more natural sound, adding clarity and definition to every instrument.Derived from Meridian’s™ ground-breaking Room Correction technology, MCC incorporates a precise acoustic analysis of your XF’s cabin and constructs special digital filters to balance reverberation and enhance your listening pleasure.

Bring your music to life on the Meridian™ 825W Surround Sound System created specifically for the XF. Delivering immense sound quality through 17 speakers, Surround Sound Processing creates superb stereo throughout the cabin. Meridian™ Cabin Correction makes a precise analysis of the interior, complementing the acoustics of the vehicle to dramatically improve both the clarity and authenticity of your music. Dynamic Volume Control enhances your music quality still further, monitoring and compensating for changes in the cabin’s ambient sound levels. Meanwhile, Meridian’s™ exclusive Trifield technology delivers a full, wide stereo experience for both driver and passengers.