A reminder that a service is due

The latest Jaguar models will remind you when there is less than 2,000 miles (3,400km) until your car’s next service is due.

A light comes on in the information display for five seconds after the ignition is switched on saying, “SERVICE REQ’D XXX MLS (XXX KM)”. It is accompanied by an amber warning icon. The distance to the next service goes down in multiples of 50 miles or kilometres, depending on which you have chosen.

When the car’s service is due, the message changes to  “SERVICE REQUIRED”. This message also appears for five seconds after the ignition is switched on, but it is accompanied by a red warning icon.

The distance countdown is automatically adjusted by the engine management system to allow for driving style and conditions.

Your Dealer or Jaguar Approved Service Centre will reset the countdown after they service your car.

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