Jaguar - The Raw Power of the Sketch

New XJ Sketch - Jaguar Design

Every Jaguar starts life as a rough sketch on a pad. It’s the vision of the Jaguar designers that sees these sparks of inspiration transformed into more developed sketches, then computer-aided designs and prototypes – all long before the car hits the road.

Ian Callum, Director of Design in the Jaguar Design Studio, explains the process that led to the birth of the new XJ.


    “We still create traditional sketches. The whole design team will put sketches and ideas in, then we will pick from these and amalgamate them into the design of the car.

    “A sketch can evolve so much that you’ll find very little recognition between that initial sketch and the final car, but it’s a starting point. It has a lot of honing to do, a lot of re-proportioning. It’s a caricature, a cartoon. And sometimes it’s difficult for people outside of design departments to visualise how that will turn into a real car. We – as designers – understand that language, and we all have the vision to see where that sketch will take the vehicle.”


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