Jewel in the Crown

New XJ - Analog Clock

One highlight that showcases the quality and craftsmanship that goes into the all new XJ is its stunning dashboard clock. The finest Swiss timepieces inspired it. Simple, elegant, beautifully crafted - the XJ's analogue clock takes centre stage on the dashboard as a piece of gorgeous automotive jewellery.

"We spent a lot of time looking at the finest Swiss watches and discovered that the most expensive ones also tend to be the most simple, the most minimalist," says Nic Finney, the Jaguar designer who was given the envious task of creating the clock's design.

Nic explains that research showed a high percentage of luxury car owners were also collectors of high-end watches, who said they'd appreciate having a beautifully crafted timepiece in Jaguar's new flagship XJ. For his design, Finney created a clock with simple, delicate, red-tipped metal hands, and ingot-like chromed metal hour markers set on a stunning blue anodised ring. The centre section of the clock has a spun metal texture.

"The chromed ring around the clock is a miniature version of the ball air vents that sit on either side of it," Nic explains. "And the clock itself is set deep in premium leather. It's certainly a beautiful piece.

"As day turns to night, another element of the clock materialises – its head-turning illumination. Each of the hour markers is delicately lit by tiny LEDs, while the whole face of the clock is bathed in cool phosphor blue. "All the time I was working on the clock I kept thinking what an amazing watch it would make," Nic recalls. "I'd love to have one on my wrist."

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