Goldsmith & Jeweller

German-born master goldsmith Sabine Roemer has been sculpting intricate jewellery since the age of 15. After working with British jeweller Stephen Webster, Sabine has created works for the worlds of film and motor racing, as well as the Nelson Mandela Foundation. She was named a 2010 Trendsetter in Professional Jeweller’s ‘Hot 100’.


    “With a bespoke commission it’s nice to be able to tell a story, to capture a subject’s personality and transfer that into the work. You get to know the person and create a piece that perfectly reflects their character.

    For new designers to mark themselves out, they have to really break the mould, not just follow a trend. It’s about being real to yourself, putting your personality and passion into your work. With themed collections, such as ‘Arabian Nights’, for example, I’ve been really inspired by my travel, and nature. You get inspiration everywhere.”


    “It’s the people who make London. As it’s in the middle of everything – between Asia and America, in the heart of Europe – you get a real international mix of cultures. And the fact that there are so many other designers and creative people here allows us all to feed off each other. London is a big city, but it’s also made up of a lot of small villages, each of which is very different. Shoreditch, for example, is an amazing area to visit now. In fact, the whole East End is a really creative area. A lot of artists start there and come to the West End.”


    “I grew up with two car-mad brothers and I had a model of the E-type. The design of the car really caught my eye. It’s a sophisticated car – it’s quite subtle and understated in many ways, quite bold in others. Because of my passion for nature, I adore the E-type’s animal instinct – this spirit of the Jaguar that it captures. It’s beautiful, but also has a raw power.”


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