The E-type epitomised London’s swinging Sixties.

Three leaders of the modern city’s fashion and design scene tell us why the E-type’s
style still can’t be beaten.

  • Matthew Williamson

    Matthew Williamson with the Jaguar E-Type

    For me, the E-type is the perfect combination of good looks and high performance. It’s an absolute classic of 1960s motoring >

  • Sabine Roemer

    Sabine Roemer with the Jaguar E-Type

    I adore the E-type’s animal instinct – this spirit of the Jaguar that it captures. It’s beautiful, but also has a raw power >

  • David Gandy

    David Gandy with the Jaguar E-Type

    I drove an E-type five years ago, and it was amazing. Radically different to a modern car, but a character like nothing else >

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