Seductive Exterior


C-X17 is Jaguar’s first sports crossover, a more dynamic interpretation of an SUV with Jaguar sports car DNA. It is built on Jaguar’s design belief of purity of form, beauty and balance of proportion.

C-X17’s sleek lines, sporting stance and luxurious sophistication combine with enhanced practicality and the elevated driving position that delivers the experience demanded from a sports crossover and puts the driver firmly in control.

C-X17 demonstrates Jaguar’s expertise in creating a car-like driving dynamic with the duality of agility and ride comfort in all conditions. While its dimensions of 4.7m long and 1.63m high are clearly those of a crossover, the design shares strong family traits with Jaguar’s current range.

The long bonnet’s twin ‘power bulges’ and prominent grille impart the muscular Jaguar look: the headlamps give a hint of C-X17’s saloon siblings, the grille is inspired by XJ and features a hexagonal pattern with small aluminium panels within its structure that can close to enhance the aerodynamics.

In profile, C-X17’s twin ‘heartlines’ are clearly visible – two clean, simple design lines with subtle creases in the metal to catch the light visually unite shoulder and haunch. Further sleekness is added by the accentuated length of the windows.

The roofline swoops towards the rear, culminating in a cantilevered spoiler over a steeply raked rear window that enhances the vehicle’s ‘fast-even-at-standstill’ appearance. The rear of C-X17 also has a distinctive sports car touch with the haunches, taillights and detailing all echoing the seductive design of the stunning Jaguar F-TYPE.

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