All new aluminium architecture


C-X17 is Jaguar’s first sports crossover concept vehicle and brings more excitement and innovation to its interpretation of the SUV. It is the first vehicle to be built on Jaguar's highly advanced new aluminium monocoque architecture.

Aluminium architecture is a highly advanced, aluminium-intensive, modular architecture and provides the flexibility required to deliver a greater range of models and derivatives than ever before without compromising the unique character, design, vehicle dynamics, performance and luxury that Jaguar is famous for.

The aluminium architecture is the physical manifestation of ‘Jaguar DNA’, which ensures that every vehicle performs like a true Jaguar. Aluminium architecture is enabled with All-wheel drive for all-road and all weather capability, and engineered for a full range of diesel and petrol engines.

The new platform also optimises the balance between performance and fuel consumption, which is the heart of Jaguar Intelligent Performance. It achieves this with a range of innovative efficiency technologies that complements the lightweight structure.

The first production Jaguar that uses the aluminium architecture will be launched in 2014. This new, small saloon car will introduce the new, highly advanced four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines that will break the 100g/km barrier and will support Jaguar’s commitment to increased fuel efficiency in all future vehicles.


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