Opening of Jaguar Land Rover Hong Kong First Dual Brand Showroom

(9 December, 2013, Hong Kong) British luxury automobile brand Jaguar Land Rover is opening a brand new flagship showroom at Sino Plaza in Causeway Bay today. The event is honoured by the attendance of Mr. Bob Grace, President of Jaguar Land Rover China, Mr. Bruce Robertson, Executive Vice President-Operations of Jaguar Land Rover China, Mr. Patrick Lee, CEO of Inchcape North Asia and China and Mr. Johnny Ng, Managing Director of Inchcape Motors Limited, for hosting and officiating the unveiling ceremony. To facilitate Group’s strategy on global expansion, Jaguar Land Rover has actively developed this dual brand showroom to provide a more diversified product range and more convenient service experience to customers. To celebrate the grand opening of the showroom, the China-exclusive five-seater edition of the Jaguar C-X17 Sports Crossover concept car makes its debut in Hong Kong. Fans will have a chance to appreciate this modern British masterpiece and its all-new advanced aluminium monocoque architecture.

Decorated in Modern British Style
The brand new flagship showroom is adjacent to the previous showroom located at Top Glory Tower. With its capacity increased to 8,600 square feet, the new flagship showroom is able to showcase 10 new cars at the same time, allowing customers to appreciate the entire model series of two luxury British brands, Jaguar and Land Rover. The showroom has been designed and decorated with modern British style in mind, and will match all the next generation new car series there. With the décor like some pieces of original leather and traditional tea sets brought from the UK, visitors can experience the pleasure and elegance of British lifestyle.

“Jaguar Land Rover is focused on the potential of the south China market and its development. We will work more closely with Inchcape and this brand new flagship showroom would lead the way in this region. Through boosting the brand and improving services in all aspects, we strive for perfect customer services and products for Hong Kong. Jaguar Land Rover recently announced an investment approaching £1.5 billion to introduce our all-new aluminum architecture in forthcoming models, further enriching our product line and satisfying the demands of customers.” Mr. Bob Grace said.

Over 600 Cars Sold in the First 11 Months of 2013
“Jaguar Land Rover has sold over 600 cars in Hong Kong in the first 11 months of this year, demonstrating a steady increase in sales. We are confident in the future of the Hong Kong luxury automobile market and believe that creating the largest city showroom in the south China region demonstrates how strongly we appreciate this market. Next year, we will expand the Central Parts Depot, allowing us to shorten the waiting time for car components and improve the efficiency in the services of the two brands. We will now offer global standard service quality to local customers. In 2014 we will also import Range Rover Long Wheelbase and the new Jaguar F-Type coupe. For the first time, our customers will have full and immediate access to Jaguar Land Rover’s newest products.” Mr. Johnny Ng said.

Stunning Debut of Liquid Gold Jaguar C-X17
To celebrate the grand opening of the flagship showroom, a Liquid Gold Jaguar C-X17 Sport Crossover concept car makes its debut in Hong Kong. With its brand new iQ [AI] chassis, it sets the trend for future brand development. From appearance, the coordinative car body proportion and polished streamline possessed by C-X17 continues the style of Jaguar, which is designed by Jaguar’s Global Design Director, Mr. Ian Callum. The spacious interior of the five-seater C-X17 is designed for a sculpted appearance with enhanced comfort and practicality. Featuring bespoke, high-quality, traditionally British-inspired interior finishes and materials, alongside ultra-premium audio system, a luxurious, spacious and innovative cabin has been created. With its intelligent all-wheel drive system, the C-X17 can change between four-wheel and two-wheel drive mode according to the situation. The result is a brilliant and dynamic driving experience. In the future, a range of engines could be chosen for the brand new car models, including Jaguar’s new high-output fuel-efficient petrol and diesel engines. These engines to be built at Jaguar Land Rover’s upcoming UK engine manufacturing facility and will enable Jaguar to offer new vehicles with both class-leading performance and emissions. Other newly added innovative features such as Rear Exit Detection uses sensors to warn exiting passengers of quickly-approaching hazards.

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