Public Debut of the Jaguar XJ Ultimate Delights All Five Senses

The Most Luxurious Jaguar Sedan Ever

- Hong Kong is the first city in the world to showcase the Jaguar XJ Ultimate.
- The XJ Ultimate satisfies all five senses (Sight, Smell, Touch, Hearing and Taste) with the style of Jaguar.
- The XJ Ultimate, the most state-of-the-art sedan ever, costs around HK$4,000,000.

(Hong Kong - 24 May 2012) British automotive manufacturer Jaguar debuts the most luxurious Jaguar sedan ever, the XJ Ultimate, with a suggested retail price of HK$4,000,000. Apart from its announcement at the 2012 Beijing International Auto Trade Show, Hong Kong is the first city in the world to showcase the Jaguar XJ Ultimate for public preview, presenting Jaguar's pursuit of innovation and style.

A public debut preview will be held from 26 - 27 May 2012 at the Jaguar Show room in Wan Chai, highlighting Jaguar's sedan leadership in Hong Kong. Through an appreciation of the vehicle's carriage facilities, comparative to those of a private jet, Jaguar fans can experience innovative technology, seductive design and powerful performance.

Mr. Joseph Lau, General Manager of Jaguar Land Rover Hong Kong said, 'Jaguar is already well-known in the world and we understand the needs of the new generation of luxury sedan owners. The launch of the XJ Ultimate is our response. The XJ Ultimate is equipped with first-class facilities that provoke the owner and passengers' five senses. We are honoured that Hong Kong is the first city to showcase the most luxurious Jaguar sedan ever and we will definitely keep introducing more exciting Jaguar models to our Hong Kong customers.'

Unparalleled Five-Sense Experience with Every Journey
The Jaguar XJ Ultimate, the most state-of-the-art Jaguar sedan ever, provokes your five senses every time you take it for a drive:

The first twenty XJ Ultimate models will be finished in celestial black, though customers can select their own favourite colour. Its discreet external detailing differentiates it from the other XJ models. Dazzle your eyes with features like the unique dual-surfaced 20” Maroa alloy wheels with highly polished finishes, a newly designed bumper, sculpted chrome lower air intakes that match the grille and the polished stainless steel oval exhaust pipe. When you open the door of the XJ Ultimate, you will find four individual leather seats, even in the rear of the car, a champagne chiller, two latest generation iPads and a high-powered passenger table too. The fully symmetrical, top-class Herringbone wooden interior design is another must-see feature, having been polished at least ten times by human hands. The XJ Ultimate’s gorgeous features, both internal and external, help it to stand apart from the rest of the XJ range and above all other luxury cars on the market. With all of these details, we hope to demonstrate the fact that Jaguar makes detailed cars with all of our hearts.

You can smell the splendour of the XJ Ultimate with its soft grain leather rear seats and its hand trimmed semi-aniline natural leather front seats. Even the centre console is trimmed with leather of the highest quality, which generously covers the interior to give customers the sense that Jaguar is a master of creating sophisticated vehicles. Once you sit inside the automobile, customers will immediately find themselves wrapped in unparalleled grandeur, the perfect combination of comfort and class.

First of all, the car boasts four-zone ventilation control on the extended centre console, letting you adjust the temperature to your liking. Two individual, reclinable, hand tailored rear seats trimmed with semi-aniline natural leather offer on-demand massage, heating and cooling functions and 4-way lumbar adjustment. The front seats follow the same unique design, offering identical functionality with an additional range of electric movement that allows 20 by 20 adjustment. The back seats’ iPad® dock with charging capabilities integrate right into the car’s Meridian™ Surround Audio System. Also, the high-powered passenger table is produced with solid aluminium and a high gloss piano-black finish with a chrome detailed edge. The XJ Ultimate is clearly a car designed for both business and relaxation, certain to impress even the most discerning customer with its incredible functionality.

The XJ Ultimate’s Meridian™ Surround Audio System comes standard, with 15 channels and twenty speakers. Its applied Trifield sound processing technology offers the highest sound quality available in automotives.

Indulge in Jaguar’s innovation with an integrated rear champagne cooler, which illuminates and chills the bottle of your choice. Just as in private jets, the XJ Ultimate can store bottles that hold up to 75cl and chills them to the ideal temperature of 7°C - 10°C (44.6 ‘F - 50 ‘F). Passengers can enjoy their ride in comfort, knowing that the bottle is safely cradled in a flock-lined recess and lit by phosphorescent blue ambient lighting.

With the innovative design of such a precious machine, the Jaguar XJ Ultimate proves itself as a luxurious sedan capable of speed, elegance and unique technology. Because Jaguar is dedicated to offering XJ Ultimate owners the highest standard available in an automotive experience, fully bespoke options are also available for the XJ Ultimate in terms of colour, wood patterns and headrests designed with any name or any pattern provided. These made-to-order features bolster the vehicle’s lavish image. Other personalisation options will be announced later. The perfection of the Jaguar experience is never better than with the XJ Ultimate.

Ultimate Performance Highlighting Luxurious Design
The Jaguar XJ Ultimate features an aluminium construction that saves as much as 150kg weight over its rivals, offering better agility and acceleration. The Jaguar XJ Ultimate is also equipped with a 5.0L V8 supercharged engine.

Besides the showcase of the Jaguar XJ Ultimate, Jaguar is also proud to introduce Pol Roger’s Sir Winston Churchill brand champagne, famously enjoyed at the wedding of Prince William. This champagne is released around ten years after its vintage year and is golden-yellow, endowed with layers of perfumed minerals, lemon, white pepper and ginger.

Details of the public preview of the XJ Ultimate:

Date: 26 – 27 May 2012
Time: 10:00 – 20:00
Address: Ground floor, Bank of East Asia Harbour View Centre, 56 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai
Enquiry hotline: 2520 0989

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For more details regarding the XJ Ultimate, please stay up to date with Jaguar.

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