Jaguar F-TYPE Debuts in Hong Kong

Legend·Future; Jaguar Heritage Tour with C-TYPE, D-TYPE & E-TYPE

17 June 2013, Hong Kong - Jaguar F-Type will debut in Hong Kong in the Legend·Future; Jaguar Heritage Show, showcasing the Jaguar sports-car heritage and a new interpretation of Jaguar sports-car design. The legendary C-Type, D-Type and E-Type will be display along together with the F-Type in the event, which will be held from 21 to 23 June 2013 in Elements.

The event is the public premiere of F-Type in Hong Kong. The F-Type inherited the design philosophy from C-Type, D-Type and E-Type. With a driver-oriented interior and configuration, it is essentially a driver’s sports car which delivers unprecedented dynamics reward. It is equipped with the most innovative technology from Jaguar, including the all-aluminium chassis which reduce the vehicle’s weight, and an ideal balance of weight distribution which allows its rear-wheel drive dynamics to be explored to the full.

C-Type, D-Type and E-Type are from the 1950s and 60s, opening a new age for Jaguar sports-car which led in design and technology. There are only few of them left in the world nowadays, and it is a good opportunity for Hong Kong Jaguar fans to witness these Jaguar treasures.

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